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Announced the Oppo AR, glasses intended for 3D reproduction

It is quite clear that the OPPO company has learned perfectly that it is necessary to compete in the technology market to diversify to the maximum the type of products it offers. For this reason, new ones are released gradually, and an example is glasses Oppo AR that have become a reality.

It is true that it is surprising that the Asian company decides on a product of this type, since for some time now both AR and Virtual Reality have not advanced significantly, but it is clear that it is desired to create a complete ecosystem by the firm. The case is that the announced device is of small dimensions and quite closed in what has to do with the area that covers the eyes. In addition, it is curious the fastening element that is placed on the forehead and I know that the strap that fits on the head aims to be quite comfortable and, in addition, it has been indicated that they are lighter than Microsoft Hololens.

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Interior of the new Oppo AR

Regarding the technical section, the Oppo AR include two fisheye cameras in the front area and, in addition, a HD quality camera, with the aim of creating the images that are seen. With these elements, the use of optical transmission technology is achieved, which is capable of displaying high-quality three-dimensional images and, as far as sound is concerned, the one offered is immersive.

Use of OPPO AR glasses

The functions offered by this device include different interaction options, including voice recognition and even hand gestures – thanks to the integrated camera. OPPO has announced that, at its launch, it is located in the first quarter of 2020, the included software will be complete since it will even have several games and extensive services upon its arrival on the market.

Other important announcements OPPO has made

In the same event in which the company's Augmented Reality glasses have been announced, the founder of the firm (Chen Mingyong Mingyong) has confirmed that they will be various products to launch the company beyond smartphones, and most of them integrate Artificial Intelligence.

Possible OPPO smartwatch design

Thus, for example, in a short time the manager has confirmed that new OPPO smartwatches will be seen and even robots. For this, the investment to be made will be fifty billion yuan with the idea that in 2020 the first fruits will be seen, with devices such as smartwatch and headphones as a spearhead to generate a broad and complete ecosystem for users. Therefore, you have to expect great things from this manufacturer who wants to make things very difficult for, for example, Xiaomi.