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Alternatives to the AirPods Pro: the five rivals of Apple headphones

Apple has made a giant leap with the AirPods Pro. They are better in autonomous, they come with noise cancellation, water resistance and other really attractive updates, especially for iPhone users. Although so many novelties have a cost and you will have to pay $ 249 dollars for some … if you find them, because in many places they are sold out. Now, if you need some headphones true wireless Now, consider these five alternatives to the AirPods just as good.

Amazon Echo Buds

alternatives to airpods

If you find the AirPods Pro attractive because of its features but your price discourages you, the Amazon Echo Buds, for $ 130 dollars, may be the next truly wireless headphones on your list. Its battery has an almost identical duration to Apple with five hours of autonomy with a single charge, with a total time of 20 hours with its charging case. They have an active noise reduction (ANR) system made by Bose that is not as good as the cancellation of the AirPods Pro, but it does a very good job of eliminating background noise.

The Echo Buds are also classified with IPX4, as are the AirPods Pro, and are compatible with the three main voice assistants: Siri, the Google Assistant, and Alexa (with the hands-free option for Alexa). They are not up to the AirPods Pro in terms of sound quality although we believe they sound pretty good and their charging case is considerably larger and heavier. But for what they are worth, they have incredible value.

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Sony WF-1000XM3

alternatives to sony wf airpods 1000xm3 3 768x768

If you are looking for a pair of true Wireless headphones that are closer to the AirPods Pro, those are the Sony WF-1000XM3. These headphones were the first major offer with active noise cancellation (ANC) and only AirPods Pro compete in this area. The Sony also do much better than the AirPods Pro in regards to battery life, as they offer 6 hours with the ANC on and an impressive 8 hours without it. Its charging case is equally powerful, with 24 hours of total time (ANC on) and 32 hours with the ANC off.

The WF-1000XM3 also have a fantastic sound, being among the first of its kind. And unlike the AirPods Pro, there is an option to control the volume from the headphones themselves (although you will have to give up another control to do so), and Sony's magnificent Headphones Connect application offers additional customization. This is so whether you use Sony headphones with iPhone or Android, something that AirPods Pro cannot boast. On the negative side, the WF-1000XM3 are more bulky than the AirPods Pro (both the size of the headphones and the charging case). Nor are they water resistant, although so far we have not heard of any major problems with their use in the gym.

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Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus

alternatives to the airpods master and dynamic mw07 plus ry 4 768x768

Although the decidedly elegant design of the Master and Dynamic MW07 Plus may not be liked by everyone, its exciting sound quality and excellent battery life should place them among the top positions in the list of alternative products to the AirPods Pro .

The MW07 Plus retain everything we liked from the original MW07, but improve them in almost every aspect. Its new active noise cancellation function is a little better than that of the Echo Buds, if not as good as the AirPods Pro. The useful life of the battery is crazy, 10 hours on a single charge, and that time extends at 40 hours with the charging case. But talking about this model is talking about sound.

Precision, vitality, balance and details all the descriptors that an earphone looks for in headphones – apply to the MW07 Plus. Unfortunately, they don't come with a complementary mobile application to make adjustments, but they sound so good that you probably don't mind.

Your IPX5 rating may not be as complete as that of the Elite 75t, but unless you're going to run through pressurized jets of water or submerge the headphones, you shouldn't mind much. In addition, it is better than the AirPods Pro classification, which makes the MW07 Plus even better gym companions, despite their sophisticated style.

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JLab Epic Air Sport

alternatives to airpods jlab epic air sport review 04337 768x768

Now that AirPods Pro offers water resistance, more and more people will use them for their workouts. But do you really need $ 249 dollars to go to the gym? The JLab Epic Air Sport are a much better option for those who put the emphasis on endurance and a really safe fit. In the past, we have recommended the Powerbeats Pro as the alternative to the gym-oriented AirPods, but for only $ 150 dollars, we have become converts for the Epic Air Sport. The useful life of the battery is possibly its most important point. For a whopping 10 hours per charge, you will surely get a full day of autonomy, if not more. As its charging case offers you no less than 70 hours, it is possible that weeks go by without plugging them in.