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A variation of the Huawei P30 Pro could have 5G

Around the corner we have the Mobile World Congress, but not all smartphones can be presented at that event. We know that some brands tend to reserve releases to publicize their devices in more exclusive events and Huawei is one of them.

Previously we witnessed the launch of its top of the range Mate 20 in London and its mid / high range with the P20 in Pars. Well, some data already speculate a little about what is coming for this last line and say that again In the month of March with headquarters again in Paris we will see the new P30, yes, this time with a special variant.

Recently in the Chinese social network Weibo place and cradle of large amount of information leaks One user mentioned that at the launch of the month of March we will see a Huawei P30 Pro with 5G technology. A device that will have a considerably higher price and that at the moment will have availability for the European continent.

Possible appearance of the Huawei P30 Pro

With this, Huawei will be positioned with two different models that will include 5G technology, perhaps representing its most expensive phones so far taking into account that one of them is flexible.

In case they are pears or they are apples, we must wait for the official data company and not rely on any information at all. Let me know what your opinion is and what you expect from the new P30, we are reading.

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