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8 adventure games for 6

The Humble Bundle Mobile, the mobile game pack for which we can pay whatever we want, returns these days. And it does it with a good promotion in which we can get up to 8 adventure games at a ridiculous price.

We love to play with our Android. We can play anywhere to mobile games, and these are getting better. They have better graphics and better stories as time goes by. But get all the games we want to play can be expensive, very expensive.

This is where the Humble Bundle comes into play: a page that offers game packs for which we can pay what we want. It is an idea that has been running for a long time on a computer, but that Humble took to mobile with Android game packs. And today we have a new Humble dedicated to adventures.

Humble Bundle: a solidarity idea to buy games

Humble Bundle: a solidarity idea to buy games

Humble Bundle was born with that idea of ​​game packs, and has become a store since then. The grace is that, in addition to having game packs at unbeatable prices, part of our purchase will go to the non-profit organization that we decide. So we will be helping good causes Buying a Humble Bundle.

What adventure games took me …

… if I pay 1 euro?

  • Grim Fandango Remastered | Yes, you read that right, Manny Calavera. This is the remastered version of the classic game in which we will have to help Manny unveil a conspiracy that threatens his own salvation.

  • Kathy Rain | A student with a skill for detective work begins to investigate a mystery related to her grandfather's legacy, and with a dark and sinister secret that was carried to the grave.

  • Machinarium | This graphic adventure is already a classic on Android, and the story tries to guide a small robot to save his friends in a completely mechanized city.

… if I pay 4 euros?

All of the above with:

  • Her story | This game was quite acclaimed for its originality. We are detectives and we have videos of the interrogations made to the woman of a missing man. We have to explore those videos and put the pieces together to form the story.

  • Sorcery! 4 | Open world, spells and battles: this is all about this game reminiscent of board games. Although it is a quarter, and a story continues, it can also be played without having been in any previous game.