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2 best ways to add subtitles to a movie on Android

Watching movies / videos on your Android phone has its own advantage, you can watch them anywhere with just one touch. Portability is attractive, but it also means that it can also end up in a crowded area where listening to the sound can be a bit difficult. This is where subtitles help, you can prepare everything that is said in the video in real time. So, even if you missed something, you can read it easily.

Subtitles are very useful for many reasons, you can use them to understand a movie in a foreign language, or you may want to make sure you don't miss anything. Getting subtitles for videos on your Android phone is just a distance application. You can download the subtitle file separately and add it to your video player or use an application to download the subtitles automatically.

Here is how to add subtitles on Android

Add subtitles in VLC for Android (manually)

It may not be your phone's default video player application, but most video / movie player applications in the Google Play Store support the ability to add subtitles. Subtitles actually come as a separate file from your video file and can be downloaded and added separately. Therefore, you can easily download a subtitle file and attach it to the video, or the video player can do this for you.

For this tutorial, we will use the popular VLC for the Android video player. The process is almost the same for all applications, but some applications may offer some additional features. However, it should not be confusing yet since the process of adding subtitles is the same.

Before adding subtitles to the VLC video player, we need to obtain the subtitle file in our phone. There are many websites that will allow you to download files from movie subtitles, TV shows and music videos. Most of them are completely free to use and offer subtitles in different languages. Some of the popular websites are mentioned below.

  1. subscene (.) com
  2. opensubtitles (.) org
  3. moviesubtitles (.) org

Go to one of these websites and look for the movie / TV show from which you want to download the subtitles. Once found, tap on download to download it on your phone.

Note: If you download the subtitles on your PC, it is recommended that you transfer it to the "Downloads" folder of your device. In this way, it will be easier for the video player application to search the file.

Now that you have the subtitle file (probably with the extension .srt ), it's time to add it to your video in the VLC player.

Open the VLC player and play the video from which you downloaded the subtitle file. In VLC for Android, if the subtitle file is in the "Downloads" folder, it will be automatically added to the video. If it is not in the "Downloads" folder or is not added automatically, touch the subtitle button to the left of the "Play" button and then press "Select subtitle file".

Here, you must navigate to the location where you saved the subtitle file. If the file is on your SD card and you cannot see it, tap on "Settings" in the upper right corner and from there check the option "Show advanced devices".