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12 Apps that can NOT be missing in the New iPad (iPad 3) of @Carballo

The great Carballo and his iPad

Carballo (@Carballopara the Twitteros and “the one with the diving glasses” for the visitors of his blog in General ( is little more than a tweeter come to more than has ended up acting as head of social media in Ontecnia and total president of the project.

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In addition, Carballo in his spare time travels (always with a fuet), collaborate onIgnite Valencia, early adopts almost any app, gadget or social network that can and does all kinds of tricks that usually end up listed in your blog. Many things about them accompanied by your iPad and iPhone in which you can not miss the following Apps … (drumroll)

12 Applications that can NOT be missing in the New iPad (iPad 3) of @Carballo

Thank you very much figure!

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