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10 Tricks to Get More from Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps has had a triumphant return to iOS with more than 10 million downloads in its first 48 hours and being the number 1 application in a few hours. Such has been its success that has led to the rise in the adoption of iOS 6 by users.

For all those who have not tried Maps yet or have not discovered everything that hides, Google has published today a list of 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your application. In addition, if you don't like Apple maps and Jailbreak tennis, you can have iOS use Maps by default.

Here are these 10 tricks taken directly from the help section of the Google Maps website:

1. Mark a place on the map – To mark a place and place a marker, you simply have to click and hold in any location on the map. At the bottom you will say the address and you can click on it to see additional information such as save location or access Street View (if available).

2. Street View – To access Street View mode, press and hold any location on the map, touch the information part and touch the image. In this view you can explore using both the corresponding icons and moving the phone.

3. Shake to post comments – Help to improve the map and the application. If you find something that should be updated (such as a closed road or a business that has moved) Or if you have any suggestions, just tennis to shake the iPhone to send your comments to Google.

4. Swipe to see more – To search or request addresses, swipe the information sheet to the left or right. Do you find something you like? Tap or swipe up to see more details (for example, company hours or transport stops).

5. Access view – Satellite, traffic and public transport are easily accessible by touching the three points in the lower right or when moving from right to left with two fingers.

6. Preview in Navigation – In the navigation mode, it is possible to see the next step if we slide the top bar to the left (to resume browsing you can click on Resume, in the lower left). If you tap on the bottom bar you can switch between seeing the estimated travel time, the remaining kilometers or the hour.

7. Zoom with one finger – To zoom in and out with one finger, double tap on the chosen place, keeping the second touch and dragging your finger up or down.

8. Work and Home – You can save both your home address and your work address and then use them quickly. Click on My Profile (next to the search box) to save these addresses for all your devices.