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What is karmaland? The series where all the famous youtubers are

In this life there are fun things and then there are Karmaland. So, as we tell you. If you are YouTube fans you will surely meet Willyrex, Vegetta, Rubius, Auronplay, Lolito, Mangel, Fargan, Luzu, Alexby and Mangel. Well, all of them are the protagonists of this delirious Minecraft series.

And it is that all these youtubers know how to give spectacle and this game allows them to do it. In Minecraft with a little imagination you can do almost everything. Actually yes Entering your YouTube accounts you will see that they create content almost daily. They earn visitors and we videos that make our day.

Karmaland is a private island of the top youtubers

For us to understand each other, Karmaland is a private server where tAll these characters interact daily. It is already the fourth season of this series and is being the most successful of all. On the island each of the youtubers has their own house, orchard, companion animals and others.

The truth is that it is very curious to see how each streamer builds his strength following his own style. It has nothing to do with Willyrex's house with Rubius's. Not to mention that of Lolito which is bright red and has a door frame made with diamonds.

Although the most funny thing about Karmaland is to see how the neighbors get along. Do not think they are asking for salt or oil. In most cases, what they do is put mines, steal things or just bother. This creates a lot of outstanding accounts, player alliances and Divertidisimas revenge.

The Dark Brotherhood, Lolito and AuronPlay are the best of this edition

The truth is that in a single article we cannot tell you everything that happens on the island of Karmaland. But we can show you a good example of what we are trying to move you to. Look at this video that we leave below. In l Lolito and Auron put a lot of mines in Fargan's house And the thing ends fatally. It is one of the funniest of this edition. Here is tennis:

Evidently then Fargan discovered what the authors were and went to look for them to reprimand them. And so they are all day. Sometimes the one who catches is Willyrex, in other Vegetta and so on. Although we must also tell you that good vibes always prevail and although a thousand kennels are made between them, They always take it very well.

What do you think of you? Do you like Karmaland? Although six bald, as Auronplay would say, we highly recommend the videos of this series. You can go to any channel of these youtubers, as well as their Twitch or Facebook Gaming accounts where they make direct. Long live Karmaland!