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They get to use AirPlay 2 on unsupported devices

HomePod AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 is the new protocol used by Apple to transmit audio From its devices to speakers, this second generation is more powerful and allows us to send the same audio from, for example, the iPhone to several speakers at the same time as to send different audios to different speakers.

Being an Apple protocol manufacturers must adapt it to their devices, that is, being a patented transmission protocol, Only Apple-authorized speakers can receive and decode audio sent. However, now three developers claim to have achieved, thanks to the reverse engineer, crack Airplay 2.

Use AirPlay 2 on unsupported devices

These three developers have published the details on the GitHub website. According to their unveiled, they have achieved the “muli-room” playback from an iOS device on any speaker system that are connected to something similar to a Raspberry Pi that runs this application designed to receive and decode AirPlay 2 audio streams.

"Guys … ready? Finally I can confirm that I have airplay2 working, including several rooms! Audio transmission data was recovered, decrypted and decoded correctly!

Airplay 2

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Despite this announcement, it should be noted that deciphering the AirPlay 2 protocol is only the first step, the team still needs to create an application before it can be easily used. This is something that already happened with AirPlay 1, and for that reason we have applications capable of "simulating" that the device on which they are installed is an AirPlay compatible device Without really being.

Of course there is a large number of speakers that already are compatible with AirPlay 2 and without a doubt they are a simpler solution, but if you are one of those who have an older device and want to benefit from the novelties of the new Apple protocol, it is possible that very soon you can do it.