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The Pixel 4 deal with automatic calls without bothering you

It is well known that Google's Pixel range receives the latest versions of Android and its security patches before any other phone, and those advantages are about to include new features. The first round of new and improved features from Google will arrive in December 2019 and with it some of the most outstanding features of the Pixel 4 will be even better (if you have a previous Pixel, don't worry; some of the new features will also reach the Pixels more old).

Spam calls are a nuisance to many, but Google changed the rules of the game when it launched the Call Screen feature for Pixel 3. This allows your artificial intelligence assistant to answer a suspicious call and inform you later. if it was a waste of time or not. Now, Pixel 4 users in the United States will not even have to activate Call Screen when calling a possible invading number; Call Screen will take care of everything automatically, intercepting the call and finding out if it is legitimate.

If it is an automatic call, the phone will reject it without even bothering you. If it is a legitimate call, you will receive a notification and a transcript of who calls and for what. If you want to answer, Call Screen will give you control, according to relat Digital Trends.

Another new function that is very useful for the owners of a Pixel 4 is the ability to edit captures in Google Photos to change the level of background blur. You can even apply the effect to a photo that does not have a blurred background, so if you forgot to take it in portrait mode, you can improve it later.

Google Duo video calls will also experience some important improvements: now your front camera can follow your face while you move, to always stay in the center of the frame. If someone else appears, Duo automatically open the shot so that the two fit. And if your connection is poor, the phone will use machine learning to patch the audio, predicting what the most likely sound will be and inserting it into the call.

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