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The LIVE sub-brand start with a folding device

The future of folding screens is still uncertain because we really do not find a great justification for this functionality beyond having a large screen size from time to time. However, we also witness how big brands like Samsung who opened pandora's box Huawei, Motorola or Xiaomi have risen to this trend and in the next Mobile World Congress They will bring us your folding proposals.

A brand that has barely seen the light

This week we made the news that the Chinese VIVO joined the companies that have decided to choose to have a sub-brand that is aimed at a certain public and the only image they showed us inferred that it was a device focused on the gamer world. And although with the information of today we still don't know for sure, at least we have that your first terminal will have a folding screen.

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It has been the Chinese social network Weibo where once again they have uploaded what appear to be some renders prepared to present the device and in them we appreciate how, in a very similar way to the other brands, the first IQOO folds in half with the difference that by remaining folded We can have a front screen and a rear screen.

At the moment it is the only thing we know about the terminal that we will surely see in the MWC within a week. So pay attention to the page because we will have all the information.

T what do you think of the folding? Do you see them useful? Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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