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The best phones for less than 300 euros (August 2018)

As every month, we continue with the monthly Android recommendations. In today's article we will tell you which are the best mobiles for less than 300 euros. This is the fight for the mid-range in 2018.

Are you looking for a new mobile? Your budget is around 300 euros? We tell you what are the best alternatives to which you can currently opt. As always, we also tell you the reasons why we think that a mobile is better than another, so that you can choose with simplicity which one best suits you.

The best: LG G6


Presented a year ago, the LG G6 was the first mobile to bet on the 18: 9 formed that is so fashionable today. This is a high-end mobile last year, and at the time of writing these lines is at a range of 299-309 euros. A bargain.

It not only includes a power at the height of the best, but also has a double camera that allows us to take pictures in wide angle. Its glass and metal design is beautiful, and it is also waterproof, with IP68 certification.

The best: Screen, rear cameras, water resistance.

Worst: Frontal camera.

Your best alternative: BQ Aquaris X2

A year ago the Spanish firm BQ surprised us with the excellent BQ Aquaris X and X Pro, and this year they have raised the bar even more. The BQ X2 have risen in price, but also in benefits, being mobile phones whose greatest virtue lies in the absence of errors.

He is not the best in any aspect, but in all sections he stands out positively. It has a leading processor, the camera is amazing, the battery lasts much longer than its capacity says, the screen looks great in sunlight. It has NFC, FM radio, Bluetooth 5.0, slow motion recording. Technologically, nothing is missing, not even in software, since it has Android One.

Does this mobile have a defect? Perhaps the base model (which is the one that costs 299 euros) falls a little short in memory, since it has 3 GB of RAM and 32 storage, it is advisable to opt for the 4 and 64 model (which goes up to 329 euros ). On the other hand, the back is plastic (in good touch) that although we do not consider it a bad material (I even prefer it before the glass) if you are looking for premium materials Maybe it doesn't convince you.

The best: Screen, battery, camera, updates, stereo sound.

Worst: 32 GB at this price begin to seem scarce.

Better, as long as you don't mind giving up some features: Xiaomi Mi A2

For many this is the best mid-range smartphone there may be, and it may be that according to your uses and needs.

The Xiaomi Mi A2 is a mobile with an enormous power, an impressive camera, in addition to having more than enough memory for any user. As if that were not enough, it is in the Android One program, which ensures a clean version of Android, Android updates for two years and periodic security updates. It's good, it's pretty, and it's cheap.

Why is it not the best mobile then? Well, practically any mobile already in the range of 300 euros meets a minimum performance quotas, so when judging whether a mobile is good we do not go for its virtues, but its absences. The Xiaomi Mi A2 does not have expansion by microSD cards, it does not have a headphone jack, it does not have NFC to be able to pay with the mobile.

If those absences are not important to you, surely it is the best mobile.