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The astronomical figures of Google Play in its 10 years of life

App Annie has collected everything necessary to offer us an exhaustive and valuable analysis on Google Play. The data that has seen the light thanks to the application reveal numbers Amazing on the distribution platform of Android devices, which faces face to face with its direct rival: the App Store.

So you don't miss out on the highlights, we bring you a synthesis with what has surprised us the most.

Millions of applications and billions of dollars:

After the analysis published by App Annie we cannot start this article without highlighting the most heartbreaking figures in the document. In its 10 years of existence, from January 2012 to August 2018, Google Play has survived 330 billion downloads and has 2.8 million apps available for every Android user Amazed? Well, hold on because even more surprising are the 85 billion dollars that we have disbursed the platform consumers. And it is not bad to remember that Google receives 30% of the total earnings that an app receives, either by purchase or in-app. Leaving developers with 70% of the profits generated by their platform (roughly, they would have received about 59.5 billion dollars; and 25.5 for Google).

I am sure that when we enter Google Play to download a certain application or to scan the news in the store, we have never been aware of the figures that Android handles. What is clear is that after the collection of App Annie the catalog has reason to show Thankful to your users.

330 billion downloads and 85 billion dollars: figures after 10 years with Google Play

App Store vs. Google Play: more downloads for Android but more money for Apple

Comparing the Android and iOS platforms, the thing is not very close, each one stands out in its own. While in 2017 Google Play manages to cover almost three quarters of global downloads, compared to the remaining third of the App Store, as for the waste of the user the thing changes. During the same year the iOS store manages to cover 66% of total consumption. Android is far behind with 34% Eye to the data! The App Store generates about twice the revenue compared to its rival.

The App Store manages to cover twice the world's revenue compared to Android, but Google Play triples to iOS in downloads

It should be noted, and although we do not want to subtract the achievement from Apple, that Google Play is not yet available in the Chinese market. Therefore, although it is a global comparison, this handicap for Android should be mentioned.

330 billion downloads and 85 billion dollars: figures after 10 years with Google Play

We download applications above our possibilities

And it seems that we already knew this because it happens to all of us. Downloading applications that we do not use is common and that can only mean that developers are doing something right (at least as far as advertising is concerned). The problem is when this report reveals that, on average, we use less than half of those apps on our smartphones. In fact, possibly in Spain the figure fattens much more. In Australia or the United Kingdom only one third of that total is used. Is it time to start erasing what we don't use? And if you are thinking that the problem is that you have plenty of storage, the thing does not go there. The same report published on the App Store revealed very similar figures on iOS devices and it is not possible to increase storage. There are no excuses, although it is funny that in the top of most downloaded applications in these ten years is one dedicated to cleaning our mobile.

Games take the cake: they generate 88% of consumer spending

Although the number of downloads dedicated to video games does not reach half of the total, they do make it the place where users leave more money. And with a lot of difference. In fact, well above other types of apps. If in 2017 the consumer of Google Play spent 22 billion dollars on downloads and internal purchases, about 90% were thanks to games. Among the favorites to leave our capital are the legendary Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Pokémon GO.

330 billion downloads and 85 billion dollars: figures after 10 years with Google Play

Neither Candy Crush, nor Clash of Clans, nor Pokémon Go. The jackpot goes to Puzzle & Dragons

Yes, as the App Annie ranking shows, even though the famous Candy Crush remains second worldwide in number of downloads, it is the fourth in consumer spending in terms of historical figures. Everything has an explanation. Japan is the country that generates more consumption and Puzzle & Dragons (the top in terms of video games), is developed by GunHo Online Entertainment, a Japanese company. In the rest of the world it seems that we are more cautious about spending.

330 billion downloads and 85 billion dollars: figures after 10 years with Google Play 330 billion downloads and 85 billion dollars: figures after 10 years with Google Play