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Remove duplicate contacts on iPhone

I love my iPhone and I also like iCloud, but what I hate is that I have a lot of duplicate contacts. Why is that? Well, it's because I use the same iCloud account on several iPhones and iPads. All of my wife and my sister's iPhone contacts have merged into a giant list and there were a lot of duplicates.

The other annoying thing was that the duplicates were slightly different. For example, I had a contact with Vineet and then another called Vineet R and another called Vineet Rohatgi! One had a number, one had an email and the last one had an address. So they are not exact duplicates, but they remain the same contact information.

In this article, analyze a couple of ways you can solve the problem of duplicate contacts and how to combine them. As for the solutions, I found many things in which I could eliminate exact duplicates, but it took me a little harder to find a way to combine contacts that could have different names, but that had identical phone numbers or email addresses.

Method 1 – Mac Address Book

If you have a Mac and have your address book settings to synchronize with iCloud, you can use it to remove exact duplicates. The Address Book application on the Mac does not perform any type of merge on its own, only find contacts with the exact same name and then merge the two.

Open your Address Book and then click All contacts in iCloud . You should see all your iCloud contacts on the right side.

Then click on Card and then in Search for duplicates .

If the Address Book finds any duplicate, ask if you want to combine them. If you do not find any duplicates, it is because there were no contacts with the exact same name. Remember, do not see any other field such as the phone number or email address. It is a simple and useful duplicate search engine if you have many contacts that are identical copies.

Method 2 – Smart Merge Application

The second method and, by far, the easiest way to eliminate duplicate contacts is to use an application that you can download to your iPhone called Smart Merge Duplicate Contacts. It's 99 cents, but it's worth the money. It saved me a lot of time by finding all possible contacts that could be merged and then allowed me to edit any specific details for the new merged contact.

Basically, the application can show you duplicate contacts (same name), duplicate phone numbers, duplicate email addresses, nameless contacts, contacts without phone numbers and contacts without email. This is what it looks like when you first run it: