PUBG Mobile receive a mode of 90 fps and real HDR of 10 bits ┬╗ERdC

PUBG Mobile receive a mode of 90 fps and real HDR of 10 bits ┬╗ERdC

PUBG Mobile receive a mode of 90 fps and real HDR of 10 bits

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In the last Summit Snapdragon Tech 2019 in Hawi, Qualcomm has announced its next generation Snapdragon 865 chip for high-end mobile devices. The company's new front-line SoC doesn't just boast a improved performance and efficiency, It also comes with support for 5G dual mode networks, Cameras of up to 200MP and screens with an update frequency up to 144Hz. But that is not all. The processor also features some key features that will help improve game performance, especially for players of PUBG Mobile. During day 2 of the Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm revealed that the popular game PUBG Mobile receive support for a true 10-bit HDR and a 90 fps mode.

PUBG Mobile will have a 90 fps mode thanks to Snapdragon 865

The devices powered by the new hardware platform Snapdragon 865 from Qualcomm they can reach 90 fps in the game. The above allow users to mobile devices with high-frequency update screens of images to achieve a full use of the available capacities. Thanks to this, expect PUBG Mobile to feel even more fluid in the devices powered by the new chip in comparison to devices with Snapdragon 855 technology with 90Hz screens.

Normally the aforementioned game is limited to running at a 60fps maximum Although the 90 fps still fail to take full advantage of future displays with update frequencies of up to 120Hz, they surely offer an experience noticeably more fluid and pleasant.

Also a 10-bit enhanced HDR

Images will be improved even more thanks to compatibility with the true HDR of 10 bits This is an option that go beyond the current HDR mode of PUBG Mobile. The HDR mode that can be found in the game configuration at this time does not really offer a significant improvement in visual quality. However, with the true 10 bit HDR supportwe can expect to see a much better dynamic range.

As of now, we cannot be sure how these two features will affect the PUBG Mobile game. It will be necessary to see if having higher image refresh rates cannot be counterproductive in the multiplayer game, giving an advantage that not everyone has at the moment. However, we will definitely be looking forward to checking the improvements as soon as manufacturers begin to implement the Snapdragon 865 on their mobile devices.


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