Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go and more

Pokmon Go for Android give you free items with promotional codes

Pokémon Go for Android brings us an important novelty: now it will let us enter promotional codes to obtain objects.

It has almost happened a year since the Pokémon Go fever broke out. Far are those times when people went down the street just to capture Pokémon. Or the days when thousands of players gathered to play together in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Its popularity has dropped a lot, we can't deny that, but it's not dead.

Hopefully, many will be encouraged to go out again with the return of spring and good weather. Niantic, the game makers, has a golden opportunity to return much of that popularity. And they have already begun to form that path to attract users again. Starting by implementing the promotional codes.

Pokémon Go for Android receives promotional codes

Pokémon Go for Android receives promotional codes

The Pokémon Go promotional codes are a good example of Niantic is working on news for the game. This function is found inside the store, in the main menu. We just have to enter the code and click on exchange. A notification will show us which objects we have unlocked with the promotional code.

At the moment these promotional codes are exclusive to Android, the function is not found in iOS. Niantic also mentions that these codes can be obtained ¬ęin special events¬ę, something that makes us understand that Pok√©mon Go is closer to having those events.

Pokémon Go for Android

It's no secret that Ingress, the other Niantic game, uses location and brands to monetize the game. Most likely, there are the shots: brands pay to sponsor items that appear in Pokémon Go. An obvious example would be to go to a hamburger shop, ask for a menu, and get a code that leaves objects in Pokémon Go.

In any case, it is very doubtful that Pokémon Go will include the presence of brands, as with Ingress. Nintendo, those responsible for the Pokémon brand, will not be very happy to mix it with any advertiser. That is why it is expected that the presence is limited to promotions to get Object codes already present in the game.