Linksys presents its Powerful Killer Router WRT32X for true Gamers

Linksys presents its Powerful Killer Router WRT32X for true Gamers

The Tecnocat team was cordially invited to the Linksys event where we met killer WRT32X totally effective and that the gamers will surely love since it is undoubtedly so far the best Gaming Router in the world, built through a platform with high quality hadware and With a high performance in wireless CPU speed as well as wire, we are talking about an efficient and powerful Router manufactured for gaming traffic that will leave you with a great experience since it is designed for long but very long hours of play, it should be noted that without Doubt it is a product that surely will not let you down

The Router gives priority to the local network so you don't have to worry about anything.

One of the advantages offered by the rauter is that it immediately detects if there is a computer connected with killer and decide which one you give more priority to all the devices that you have connected. You can view the download results as well as the upload problems without problems .You can modify the information to the way that you like most in an easy and uncomplicated way since the rauter like all of the WRT32X line allows you to configure the connection and communication from outside, the best of all is that it is easy to set up so that without a doubt it will not cost you any work. The product will be available in Mexico in the third week of November in several online store channels and without a doubt in Linksys where you can buy it, at a price of $ 9500 pesos.

We are pleased to say that Killer was designed to dominate and similarly devised for Victory so we are sure you will not regret acquiring it.

* Designed to dominate * Designed for victory

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