Stadia ROOT

If you have a mobile with ROOT you can play Stadia now

Stadia ROOT

Stadia is not having that expected release (with those Chromecast Ultra) and if we also have an exclusive service, for the moment, for Google Pixel devices, discouragement is being able to with some. But we don't have to worry, because now you go to be able to play Stadia whenever you have an Android mobile with ROOT.

Today already we are not so used to doing ROOT to our phones, and the truth, with very few exceptions, the general rule is to pass those privileges. Especially since the custom layers of the phones and their own are full of virtues and work perfectly.

The Google's excuse for not leaving other Android phones Enjoying Stadia is the one that firstly needs the experience to be the best in a series of devices and then open it to the rest. And of course, there is no technical reason for not being able to enjoy this platform on your Android mobile.

Stadia ROOT

That is, again we have to thank the guys from XDA Developers for giving us the option of being able to test Stadia from a OnePlus 7 Pro phone and that has ROOT privileges or access to the root of the file system.

And the process is the sea of ​​simple. You just have to force that your Android mobile “tell” the apps that is a Pixel 4 made by Google. By magic, you will have the possibility to play with Stadia games. If you already have a phone with ROOT made with Magisk and you know how to use the configuration file MagiskHide Props, in a few minutes you would have everything ready.

It must be said that by forcing all apps to understand that they are facing a Pixel 4, can "break" some and arise some problems. As far as "breaking" Stadia's terms and conditions, Google has not said anything at the moment. For our part, waiting a bit would be the best option to take.

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