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HTC stopped innovating in smart phones, according to the CEO of the firm

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The current predicament of HTC, a company that has not achieved good results in sales of its smartphones for a long time. Today, it struggles to survive in a market that is saturated and full of hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers – mostly Chinese – that offer incredible value for money like Xiaomi, for example.

The Taiwanese firm enjoyed very good popularity in past years, but it is no longer the case. It is not as usual as before to see someone with an HTC terminal in their hands, although there have been several launches of new models of the brand. The problem that has led the firm to this point, it seems, is due to the lack of innovation … or at least that is what Yves Maitres, the new CEO.

Maitres, in the interview made by the portal TechCrunch, he has praised various telephone companies in an interview that was made a few days ago and criticized the performance and disdain of HTC in recent years. Of course, the latter has not been sought; without realizing it, the company took a course from which it could not leave, despite the attempts it made for it. Consumers loyal to this, over time, they changed to other more profitable brands and with better offers.


HTC has struggled to stay afloat during that time. In the second quarter of 2019, it recorded a fifth consecutive quarterly loss. In addition, he had fired a quarter of his staff last year. Speaking of its market share, in 2011, HTC had a market share of around 11%, while in the current period its name remains hidden in the "other" section in most of the reports.

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?HTC has stopped innovating in smartphone hardware?said the executive. ?And people like Apple, like Samsung and, more recently, Huawei, have done an amazing job investing in their hardware. We did not, because we have been investing in innovation in virtual reality. When I was young, someone told me: "To be right at the wrong time is to be wrong and to be wrong at the right time is the right thing." I think we were right at the wrong time and now we have to catch up. We made a time mistake. It is very difficult to anticipate the weather. HTC made a mistake in terms of time. It is a difficult mistake and we are paying for that, but we still have so many assets in terms of innovation, equipment and balance sheets that I feel we are recovering from the error of time. ?

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