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How to do with OPPO Reno2 portraits with blur

The quality when taking photographs offered by smartphones that are part of the OPPO Reno2 range It is very good, and an example are the excellent results that are achieved in low light photos or the use of the wide angle. But, where these models also stand out is when making portraits with bokeh effect. This is how these devices get it.

The terminals we are talking about are the OPPO Reno2 and the OPPO Reno2 Z, both with nothing less than four sensors in your rear camera and that include an additional Pop-Up type element that has a resolution of 16 megapixels (F: 2.0) and which is a reference in its product range. The fact is that with the two integrated cameras it is possible to take photos with bokeh effect with a high quality, since they perfectly define the contours of the objects to be highlighted regardless of how complicated the background exists.

So that everything is really clear about what each of the models offer in the photograph, then we leave the summary of the sensors that are integrated in the rear camera:

OPPO Reno2

  • Main: 48 MPx, F: 1.7, 26mm, PDAF and OIS
  • Telephoto: 13 MPx, F: 2.4, and PDAF
  • Wide angle: 8 MPx and F: 2.2
  • Black and white: 2 MPx and F: 2.4

OPPO Reno2 Z

  • Main: 48 MPx, F: 1.7 and PDAF
  • Wide angle: 8 MPx and F: 2.2
  • Black and white: 2 MPx and F: 2.4, 1/5 ?, 1.75m
  • Depth: 2 MPx and F: 2.4

An application that is key to getting portraits

And, in addition, all this is combined with a application in which everything that is done is really easy to obtain, since the interface is very intuitive and gestures can be used when using (for example, when zooming). The case is that there is an own section for the portraits in it, where the information that comes from the sensors, the established parameters and, in addition, the use of Artificial intelligence Associated is present. All this added up, allows the results when executing bokeh shots to be somewhat fast and effective.

Use of OPPO Reno2

By the way, there is something of the most interesting models offered by the OPPO Reno2 range: they are capable of performing bokeh effect when recording video, and this is possible even with the front camera (so it is the first with a retractable element that allows this). Therefore, it is possible to get some very striking videos that highlight what is in the foreground, such as a person, in front of the rest. Without a doubt, this gives a professional touch to the results.

How to get portraits with blur with the OPPO Reno2

Well, the truth is that everything is really simple, and thanks to the merger of a main sensor of 48 megapixels and those dedicated to telephoto or depth – as the case may be – everything is enhanced with great efficiency which allows the phones of which we speak to be of the best in the market When it comes to getting this.

These are the Steps to give in the application to achieve the objective of applying the bokeh effect in the photos that are taken both with the front camera and with the own to make selfies:

  • Open the Camera application in the lower right of the main screen of the OPPO Reno2 (s, the desktop).
  • Now in the lower ribbon you must choose the option Portrait that exists (it is the last one on the right) and, then, the own interface of the photos with bokeh effect is opened.
  • Luckily the company has included tips so that everything goes well, such as the minimum and maximum distance to make the portrait correctly or if the light is too low (messages appear on the screen).

  • If everything is well parameterized, you simply have to press the trigger that is the circular button at the bottom.
  • If you want to do this with the element for the selfies, you simply have to click on the camera-shaped icon that rotates and, then, with a small animation you can see how the retractable element with the shape of the shark fin opens.

Ace of simple and fast It is all that has to be done to get some portraits with blur using the devices that belong to the OPPO Reno2 range.