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Fighters, a great fighting game for Android

Are you a fan of the series of films directed by Michael Bay? Transformers: Fighters is a game that puts us fully into the battles of Autobots, Decepticons, Predacons and Maximals.

The Transformers saga is known to everyone. Of course, we are talking about these robots that transform into different vehicles and elements To go unnoticed. The initial film was a success at the box office back in 2007, although it is true that all this comes from an animated film released in 1986.

You will also know many that a new Transformers movie is coming. Paramount is preparing the fifth installment of the universe, from which you can watch the trailer here. And, of course, it is necessary to start lifting hype. Reason why we have a new Transformers game for Android.

Transformers: Fighters, intense robotic fighting

As you can see in the video prepared by Álvarez del Vayo for EAL Vertical, the game consists of battles between robots. The operation of these struggles is simple: we handle attack and defense by pressing on the screen, we can transform ourselves, and we can accumulate energy to boost our attack.

In addition to these battles, the game has a defensive component: we will have to mount a base and defend it of attacks from other players. The social factor is not lacking either, because we can also form alliances to attack, defend or participate in tournaments. And, for the most fans of the saga, we can collect the robots.

Transformers: Fighters, intense robotic fighting

The mechanics are really similar to what we have seen in games like Marvel: Battle of Superheroes, although in this case there are more elaborate parts such as the transition from one phase to another or being able to move not only horizontally on the battlefield, but also vertically.

The game is available on Google Play Sotre to download for free. Internet connection is necessary and, of course, you can wait payments within the application for things like getting more characters or advancing in the base, but they are not essential to play.