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Death Road to Canada is a film experience with a lot of ARPG

Death Road to Canada has been a game that we wanted to attack for a while, but due to his 10.99 euros, we had not found the occasion to get him. Finally, thanks to that 90% discount on the price we have been able to try one of the most fun and addictive ARPGs of the moment.

And that we talk about a title that has been in the Google Play Store for a while, but that we can almosts say it's timeless, so if you did not know him or you were in our same position, get to know what this ARPG is about and, incidentally, buy it. We can assure you from Androidsis that you will not regret it.

Up to 500 zombies at a time

Death Road to Canada

One of the reasons I had been behind this game was because the large number of zombies that were generated at the same time. In those trailer videos, watching the survivor try to get rid of that horde of zombies was one of the punches, so we have finally been able to experience it in our meats.

Death Road to Canada

And what became like a walk through those typical places of zombie movies, has become a nightmare, since as you do not be cautious, you will see yourself surrounded by numerous walkers who will go for your meats so that you Become one of it. Even you will reach 500 zombies at the same time on screen.

In Death Road to Canada everything is designed to get you fully into those Road Movies where you go with your car with your colleagues. In this case your vehicle will be like a mini home, since you can use it to leave everything you collect from supermarkets, service stations and more establishments that you will discover.

Death Road to Canada and its randomly generated games

Death Road to Canada

In Death Road to Canada you can save your games, but you also have to get the idea that you are going to die until you play your gameplay and vicissitudes. The games are randomly generated and your goal is to manage a group of "pirates" while exploring cities, you find a rock crazier than you and you hit and kick with those zombies.

Death Road to Canada

Everything in this game has been designed randomly, so in each game you will finds different locations, events, personalities and skills. We can almost say that each game is a unique experience. Not only will he try to explore, kill and collect, but you'll have to make decisions when you drive your Camaro. That is, suddenly you can find a chicken that, instead of being part of the menu of the day, becomes your partner.

By this we mean that the adventures that you are going to spend in this game are the sea of ​​fun and they are the ones you can expect in a little crazy zombie movies. If you have seen Zombieland, then something similar is what you are going to find.

It's not in English, but it doesn't matter

Death Road to Canada