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Atari will put its Ataribox on sale next spring

The decade of the eighties was without a little to everyone's memory, as catchy music, tuners, extravagant hairstyles and flared pants, plus video games that at that time took their first steps, as personal computers filled the offices of the homes, and the video consoles of the moment entertain the young people of the house.

At that time there are machines such asNES, Megadrive, Commodore Amiga or the Ataria 5200.And thanks to the success of Nintendo relaunching the NES Mini, the creative company of the mythical PongHe wants to try his luck with the same strategy, and to do so launch his Ataribox.The company itself said that the release of this new product meansAtari's return to the manufacture of its own hardware along with a broad ecosystem of content.

In this way the company has designed an apparatus that is inspired by classic consoles, but being powered by current technology and governed under aLinux systemand whose interface is adapted for a television, while the processor and graphics run from the hands of AMD and go on the market in two formats, one of them on the consolewood cladand the other one red with an Ethernet port, four USB ports, SD card reader and HDMI.

As for the price during next spring to$ 249 dollars.

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