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Apple confirms that the iPhone 11 Pro collect data from our location even if it is not necessary

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Apple has always carried privacy by flag. In all its products and services, there is a special care to keep user data safe, preventing them from ending up in the hands of third parties without express permission to do so. For this reason, it is really disconcerting to find a situation like the one that has occurred recently. Specifically, it has been discovered that iPhone 11 Pro records our location even when disabled in settings.

Specifically, the device keeps registering the location when the use of this by the applications and the system are deactivated in the privacy messages. This has been confirmed by security expert Brian Krebs, as we recently shared with you. In addition, it has been proven that It only happens on the latest devices of the company, specifically, the iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Of course, Apple has not hesitated to respond to the claim that our data may be at risk, and your response should give us some more peace of mind. According to one of the company's engineers, the location indicator will continue to activate on the devices even when all permissions have been disabled because certain system functions that use the location cannot be deactivated in these messages. That is, it does not pose any security threat to the user.

Apple security

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With this response, Apple has confirmed that what seemed an important security risk It has no importance for us. And of course, we can continue deactivating the location completely through the general location switch that we will find in settings, since this behavior only occurs when the permits are deactivated without completely deactivating this option.