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With the battery charged – LA NACION

Before drinking coffee with milk, washing our face, or even without getting out of bed, the cell phone screen is my first contact at the start of the day. I recognize it, it is an unhealthy habit associated with the charge of the battery that is difficult for me to eradicate. While we sleep, the night is usually the ideal time for, like humans, the tireless mobile phone also recharge your battery. Something in common we have, apparently.

If for some reason we forget this task, it is very likely that we start the day worried. With some anxiety, perhaps annoying, we begin to calculate how much time we have to leave home and reach the destination to plug the phone charger.

Like notifications, alerts and visual stimuli, the battery level indicator has a powerful influence on our daily lives. "People no longer think they are within ten kilometers to reach their destination. They believe they have 50 percent of the phone's battery to use during that journey," said Thomas Robinson, author of the Cass business school's research. University of London, which shows that these indicator cones change our perception of time and space. If there is something missing to finish confirming this too deep link we have with smartphones, the study also reveals that people who start the day with the full battery feel positive and with the feeling of being able to get anywhere. If the burden is partial, respondents said they feel upset and anxious.

Beyond the extreme reactions that this study shows us, the truth is that we live surrounded by electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries. The mobile phone, the portable computer, the connected clock, the wireless headphones and the Bluetooth portable speaker, among many other devices, use this energy reservoir to put their circuits into operation.

The loading process is also careful. The technical recommendations indicate that the battery level should be maintained between 30 and 80 percent to extend its useful life without reducing its carrying capacity. Of course, such a tracking is not for anyone and for that there is AccuBattery, a very good load monitoring app for Android devices.

In summary, let's try not to reach the complete discharge of the battery, and avoid extreme temperatures: excessive heat gives its performance, and the extreme cold reduces the stored load. And if all this seems to him a difficult habit to implement, there is no problem: the arrival of summer can be the perfect excuse to get away from technology for a few days, recharge our batteries and resume the objectives of the new year with renewed energies.