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This is the new Gorilla Glass to reach our tablets


This is the new Gorilla Glass to reach our tablets

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July 21, 2016

gorilla glass lamina

In recent years, we have assisted in the incorporation of new materials aimed at improving the life of our tablets and smartphones. The plastic housings have been giving space to the metal ones, in which aluminum is the protagonist. On the other hand, we have attended the incorporation, in an experimental way, of other elements such as graphene that at first sight, would allow to create ultra-thin, flexible terminals and with batteries capable of lasting whole days with a single charge. At the same time, we attend some very demanding resistance tests in which the resistance of all models to weather conditions, water or dust among others is noted.

The screen is one of the components that suffers most when we use these platforms. Actions as simple as clicking on them can contribute to their wear more quickly. If we add to this the Pressure that is exercised on them or their direct exposure to inclement weather, or simply, to falls, we find a very fragile part that, despite working constantly to improve it, may still seem delicate.

gorilla glass panel

On other occasions, we talk about the different layers that we can find in the panels to make them more durable and at the same time, more efficient in their interaction with users. We also tell you the different reinforcement technologies that we can find and from which Gorilla Glass He is the undisputed leader. Next, we talk about the fifth generation of this crystal, which was presented a few hours ago and which we now give more details.

Longer than we think

Although the last member of the family Gorilla Glass He saw the light very recently, the truth is that the rest of the components manufactured by Corning have a fairly long trajectory. In the 60s a first prototype called Chemcor was developed that over the following decades was changing materials to reach the general public in 2007. This year we attended the launch of the first version that the big brands began to incorporate gradually.

What does Gorilla Glass 5 offer?

According to its creators, this new component is aimed at protecting the device to untimely blows which, contrary to what we think, occur very frequently. The improvements that we can find with respect to the fourth generation are an increase in the distance of drop with which the device continues to function normally and passes from 1 meter, to 1.60, and on the other hand, twice the resistance to breakage than its predecessor. However, this increase in the survivability of the panel would not have an impact on its dimensions, since its thickness would be only half millimeter.

gorilla glass parts

The novelty

In addition to the characteristics that we have mentioned above, the great change does not come from the increase in the distance at which the panel survives if it falls, but rather, by its ability to absorb the blows against very hard surfaces in case the devices fall face and for which tests have been carried out such as throwing the terminals from heights that are around the meter and a half against cement or concrete floors.

When will we start to see it?

If Android is the leader of the operating systems, Gorilla Glass is so in terms of the crystals that equip thousands of models of tablets and smartphones manufactured by the largest companies. However, as with the last member of the green robot family, which will be released at the end of the year, the next Corning is also expected to appear in the 2016 final straight.

gorilla glass family

What could be the future of the screens?

According to John Bayne, one of the executives of Corning, the reinforcement of the panels is not only reduced to tablets and smartphones but is also focused on other media such as wearables and even in the automotive sector. However, this technology still has some limitations pending resolution, such as its adaptation to curved display terminals or its adaptation to models that incorporate virtual reality.

The competitors

Although Gorilla Glass It is found in hundreds of millions of terminals around the world, it is not the only option. On other occasions we talked to you about Dragontrail, made in Japan and which, in addition to being on other media such as televisions, uses a large capacity of torsion and scratch resistance as tricks. On the other hand, we highlight the use of sapphire crystal, with a maximum absorption capacity but much more expensive than its rivals.

dragontrail comparison

Little by little we see how the panels are also subject to improvement, not only in terms of their resolution or dimensions, but also, in terms of their duration and their ability to cope with falls or external agents. After knowing the next thing we will see by the American Corning, do you think that these improvements should occur more frequently? You have available more related information about the screens of our tablets and smartphones so you can know all the elements that are part of them.