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The Nokia 9 PureView starts receiving stable Android 10 »ERdC

The Nokia 9 PureView starts receiving stable Android 10

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HMD Global has started to launch the stable update to Android 10 for your Nokia devices. Of the three devices scheduled to receive the update in the fourth quarter of 2019, the Nokia 8.1 was the first. Now it is the turn of the current flagship device of the company: the Nokia 9 PureView five cameras (6 if we have the ToF 3D sensor).

Android 10 stable starts arriving at Nokia 9 PureView

The official Nokia Mobile Twitter account has announced that Android 10 will now be deploying to Nokia 9 PureView users.

The update brings useful features of the latest version of the Google operating system. We will focus on Smart Answers, a new gesture navigation system, a dark mode, deeper control over our privacy and location data, and the configuration of the family link through the Digital Wellbeing feature.

With the Nokia 9 PureView now starting to receive the latest version of Android, the Nokia 7.1 should be next in line to get the update during this last quarter of 2019.

Phone Features

The Nokia 9 PureView It was released in February this year. It was originally designed to be presented during 2018, however its development He had several delays for unknown reasons. Due to the delay, it reached the market with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 when the rest of the high range was already enjoying the novel (at that time) Snapdragon 855. The chipset is assisted by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage (without expansion support). The screen is a 5.99-inch P-OLED technology panel with a resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels.

The point of sale of the phone are its six rear sensors, five of which are 12MP cameras (2 are RGB and the rest are monochrome sensors). The sixth chamber is a 3D TOF. It also has a 20MP front camera.

The particular six rear sensors of the Nokia 9 PureView

The five 12MP rear sensors canact simultaneouslyto take a unique pictureup to 50MPThanks to a dedicated image co-processor. Each image has12.4 dynamic range stops. Through asensitivity measurementthe brightness in the final image can beincreased to double. Meanwhile with the help ofToF sensorthe Nokia 9 can capture adepth map with up to 1200 layers of depth data being up to 40 meters away from the sensor.

ForAdvanced Optionsimage editing, users can use Adobe Lightroom to export theRAW imagestaken with the camera. The application ofGoogle Photosnatively supports photographs taken with the Nokia 9. Meanwhile in terms ofvideocapture in a resolutionup to 4K with 30fps and applying HDR.


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