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The Moto G7 or a new Moto G6 Plus is filtered with a tiny notch

One of the brands that has not succumbed massively to the invasion of the notch has been Motorola. It is true that he has been working with them but in his commercial products it is difficult to find him.

This is starting to change with mobiles like the Motorola One Power, not yet officially announced and also with a new device that has leaked a few hours ago.

For the features and form it could be the Motorola Moto G6 Plus for some markets but given the design change it could also be Moto G7, although it seems to us something soon so that this is the denomination.

A tiny notch

The most striking thing about this new mobile is that it adopts the notch in the form of a drop of water that we have seen in the last OPPO, such as the R17 and the F9, and is closer to the Essential than to the other Android terminals. In it will simply be the front camera, no sensors, headphones or speakers.

We also see the back, in a beautiful dark red color and here the presence of a double camera with two very differentiated sensors, at least visually. If you look at one of them it is much smaller than the other.

The design is similar to what we have seen in other Motorola but the change of the notch and other details could cause this mobile to change its nomenclature. The Moto G7 is expected for next year so we could be facing a Moto G6 Plus for certain markets where the original was not commercialized and even before a Moto X5.

The Moto G4 is marked on the screen but obviously the reference to a mobile phone from several years ago is probably due to the fact that it is a test firmware that is using that prototype.