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The 12 best iOS 13 shortcuts for iPhone and iPad 2019

One of the simplest shortcuts, and the one that will help us activate the option of unreliable shortcuts. We can create an option to visit a specific web page with the command we want. For example, we can ask Siri “I want to read the latest on mobile phones” and access directly. To do this, we go to the shortcuts app and click on the ?+? button that appears in the upper area. Click on the three dots icon and select the name of the shortcut. In my case I will put “I want to read the latest mobile news”. Once the name has been written, click on Ok. Then, we click on ?Add action? and click on the ?internet? icon. In the Safari section, click on ?Open URLs?. Finally, we write the link and click on the following.

Now, every time we say the command, Siri open that web page. We can also access the shortcut from the application itself or through the widgets.

Activate alarms

Another simple shortcut, asking Siri to activate an alarm. One of my ways is to activate the alarm the next day every night. While I wake up every day at the same time, I like to make sure I have activated the alarm. I created a shortcut that can be very interesting and allows me to activate alarms with a voice command, without opening the clock application. To do this, we create a shortcut in the application and in the option of “Activate or deactivate alarm” we select a time. For example: 6:45. If we set more alarms we can select another time by pressing the ms button. Once added, make sure what option you want to set: enable or disable. Then, press next and select the name of the shortcut. In my case I have ?Activate my alarms?, so I can say “Hey Siri, activate my alarms” and Siri activates them.

Click on acepa and the shortcut will be added.

Translate in Safari thanks to Google


We go with the most complex and useful shortcuts. In this case we talk about shortcuts created by users or developers, but they are trustworthy. Even so, Apple does not detect them as such and we will have to activate the option mentioned above. This shortcut allows us to translate websites in Safari thanks to Google. An option that is not available in the iPhone browser. Click on this link from your iPhone or iPad to download the shortcut. Then, click on the button that says ?Get shortcut?. A new window will open where we can see the whole process it does. Do not modify any option except the name of the shortcut, since you can select what you want it to put. For example, “Translate the page”. Then, go down and click on the option that says ?Add unreliable shortcut?

Once added, go to the page you want to translate. Then click on the option to share and click on ?Translate page goes Google?. Automatically open a new tab with the page we are visiting and the possibility of translating it into any language through the Google translator.

Convert a video to GIF

Do you want to convert a video into a GIF file? There is a shortcut for this. Simply add to the application and click on the shortcut. The most recent videos will appear. Select one and wait for it to become a GIF file. Then, you can share it or store it in your galley. Simple as that. Describe it here.

Calculate tip


This shortcut allows us to calculate the tip we want to leave in a restaurant. It does so by adding a little percent to the final price of the account. For example, 12, 15, 18 or 20 percent. We can download the shortcut from here and we will only have to click on ?Add unreliable shortcut?. The negative point is that this shortcut comes in English. However, it is easy to understand. By pressing the shortcut from the application we select what the total account has been. Click on “Ok” and allow us to choose the percentage of tip we want to leave. Then we will see the cost of the tip and for how much we will leave.

Search nearby gas stations

It allows us to search for nearby gas stations based on our location. Again, in English, but you don’t have to configure much. Just add the shortcut, click on and allow it to use the location. Below we show a list of the nearest gas stations to our location. If we select one take us to Maps and show us the route. Simple as that. You can download it here.

Send the time it will take to reach your contact

In this case I know that we have to configure the occasional option. With this shortcut we can tell you how long it will take to reach our contact. Download the shortcut and add it to the app. Then, in the ?Contacts? section select ?Miscellaneous? so you can choose more than one. Then change the name of the command you want to say (do not change what is in parentheses). You should also accept the use of the location.

Now, ask Siri to poison your journey. You will see the list with all contacts. When you select, you see that the message app opens with the text that says the exact time it would take to arrive based on your location. Very useful to tell your friend or family member that you are there in 5 minutes quickly, without needing to calculate the remaining time.

Activate Wifi and mobile data in specific areas


A simple shortcut: to enable Wi-Fi and disable mobile data or vice versa. This extension is in Spanish, so we only have to add it to Shortcuts. Then click on the icon and select if you want to deactivate Wifi and activate mobile data or vice versa. A message appears when it is completed. You can also ask Siri by saying ?Hey Siri, Wi-Fi and mobile data?. The options will appear in the wizard. You can download it here.

Consult the lyrics of the song

This shortcut shows us the lyrics of the song we are listening to. Describe it here and also Shortcuts. Then, change the name to ?On Execution? and select the one you prefer. For example, ?Look for the lyrics of the song?. Ask Siri. The first time you are asked to access the music library, accept to search for the song. Then Google search the name of the song and the letter of it.

Calculate how many days are missing for a date


Do you want to know how many days are missing for Christmas or another day indicated on your calendar? There is a shortcut that lets us know the missing days between two dates. For example, from November 10 to November 25. Download and add this shortcut. Change the title to one in Spanish. Then we will put the current date and the one we want to mark to know how many days are left. We see a notice with the number of days. We can also ask Siri.

Copy the IP

If you want to know what the current IP is, this shortcut is the most useful. Describe it and adapt it to the app and apply the permissions. I will tell you immediately what your IP is and copy it to the clipboard so you can save it in notes or send it to a friend.