ShadowGun Legends, the best mobile game

ShadowGun Legends, the best mobile game

This game is undoubtedly the best that you can run on your mobile device since it has been ranked as one of the best in full 2018, thanks to its features, power and playability.

Most mobile games stand out for being the same goal of different types of games and that is why this is unique and never seen before since it has news as being the first RPG in the world persistent with PvP, cooperative and bell campaigns.

Download best role-playing game and free shots on your device where you can enjoy more than 200 missions on four different planets, if that were not enough you can perform assaults and missions in cooperative mode by joining you with your best friends.

If you think that this is not enough, well, we don't even have half of it since you can also create team battles in real time, customize your avatar with more than 600 weapons, more than 1000 armor and 250 decorations.

An does not end and this section is what makes it unique and innovative since you will find innovative social functions where you can interact with other players, visit merchants, accept missions, earn money in a casino, crown yourself as the best player and Ace legend commemorating with a large statue and many awards.

This game can weigh approximately 1GB of internal memory as well as it should be mentioned that this is gradually increasing depending on the use of the game, it is recommended to use a mid-range device onwards that can run medium graphics at least.

  • Gamepad compatible
  • Low, medium, high and ultra graphics

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