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Contact : Administrators: Detained or released?

Intellectual property continues to give many headaches in Spain, both for those who are in favor and for those who are against it … or do not support it 100%. Research cases on websites that allow the sharing of audiovisual content, for example, often fill the national news, as recently happened with the administrators of the Web, which in its origins allow the sharing of licensed content for free and then migrate to the form of a social network …

The truth is that a few days ago it was said that the National Policy of Spain had arrested the three administrators of It was commented on several Internet sites that the investigated have accounts in banking entities and in a well-known system of financial intermediation, and that the police agents will have verified in these accounts the numerous income obtained from the ?criminal activity?, estimating that the assumption Total economic benefit is about 600,000 euros in three years.

One of the main things that attracts attention when reading the above is: How did they earn so much money, if all the content is shared for free? The key is in the advertising inserted in the page, as well as in the implementation of premium accounts and the sale of loyalty points.

The Directorate General of Police will then have informed that the income obtained comes from users in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Finland, Switzerland and Ecuador.

The investigations began from the complaint filed by the main producers and distributors against those responsible for this website by a crime against intellectual property. This type of pages offer audiovisual works, such as movies or series, protected and unauthorized. To allow access to their content, they used both links for direct downloading of the files and viewing in streaming from specialized servers, according to the researchers.

As it was known in various website reports, inquiries allowed police officers to determine that the website was owned by a company, managed by three people, which in turn managed two other merchants, owners of various websites that were advertised. on the website investigated.

It was said then that the operation had culminated with the detention of the three administratorsand the intervention at the home of the investigated company of three laptops and numerous documentation, which is being analyzed by the agents of the Anti-Pirate Group of the Central Computer Security Brigade of the Technological Research Unit, in collaboration with the Police Brigade Judicial of Barcelona. denies arrests

Now, if we go to the blog we can see that their owners have explained in a statement that, although they have been arrested on other occasions, they are currently in complete freedom. has clarified in his official blog the facts, ensuring that the photos of his offices required by the police are real, but a month ago. Those responsible are free and working on new projects:

The events referred to in some media outlets occurred a month ago, on June 17. The National Police showed up at our offices to practice registration. [?] When we were finished we were arrested, we testified before the police and we were released. As of today we still do not know who has filed the complaint nor do we have more information about the alleged crime of which we are accused. esahora unared social

In the blog of they also say that they have always respected the law and that when I changed earlier this year they adapted to the new legislative change.

However, remember that last December, decides to withdraw its links to comply with the Law on Intellectual Property, in force in Spain since January 2015, and leave only the information section of series, news, films and other content social. Until December 2014, the page had more than 5 million users and was one of the most visited in Spain, number 24, according to the ranking of

And ultimately? Does this end the research on We do not know for the moment, but we will be attentive to how these events end up unfolding. Will this type of pressure from the authorities end with the websites and forums that allow sharing videos, movies and series? It is difficult to predict, but a priori it seems unlikely.

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