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List Spaghetti Code Best Gadgets from 2010 to 2019

Remembering exactly how the world of technology has evolved in the last ten years is difficult, but if we summarize it to the gadgets that were launched from 2010 to 2019, it will be much easier to understand how much the fascinating world of smartphones has changed, the Homemade consoles and smartwatches in recent years.

In 2010 the tablets reached a boom of popularity never seen before, while a few years later, the fashion of wearables It shoots considerably, and today they are no longer something out of our daily lives. During this decade we also saw how Nintendo came out of the technological downturn in which the Wii U had put it, which even led experts to predict the end of the great N, as well as the definitive arrival of the drones to the market mainstream

Without further ado, here are the most influential gadgets of the decade. meh which really marked little).

10. DJI Mavic Air


Few drones like the one manufactured by DJI made this type of unmanned vehicles so popular, such as the 2018 DJI Mavic Air. Its improved battery, extended operating range and more rugged and lightweight design made it one of the most popular drones of last year.

9. Kindle Paperwhite (3rd generation)


Amazon had been consolidated as one of the most reliable and innovative companies in recent years, but when this eReader arrived with electronic ink and extended autonomous, revolution the way in which many of us read.

Its screen had a resolution of 1440 × 1080 (300 ppi) at 16 gray scales and built-in light, which allows you to read much more without tiring the eyesight as well as other eReaders (or even other Kindle models), while your battery lasted up to six weeks.

8. Amazon Fire TV


In 2014, the signing of Jeff Bezos wanted to conquer the world of streaming with this set-top box that impresses the public with its powerful inputs (2GB of RAM, dual WiFi antenna, Bluetooth) and ability to play video in Full HD with Dolby Digital Surround audio, either HDMI or optical cable.

It was all these specifications that highlighted this device from the rest of the market, as well as their direct alliances with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch, to nourish their offer with the best of their respective catalogs.

7. Samsung Galaxy Nexus


The direct response of two industry giants: Samsung and Google, to Apple's success in the field of mobile phones, was this innovative smartphone with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), Full HD Super AMOLED curved screen and powerful 5 MP camera, one of the most powerful in the market at the time. Seriously, those who believe themselves true tech-savvy In 2011, they must have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in their hands to be taken seriously. Undoubtedly, this was one of the devices that marked a before and after in the fight for dominance of the smart phone market.

6. Oculus Rift


These VR glasses were already known in the world of technology, but it wasn't until 2016 that they reached the market and they opened to the general public the doors of what promises to be the beginning of a revolution of virtual reality well achieved (not like the one we saw in the fifties and nineties). Undoubtedly, the price of this device, as well as the technical specifications of the PC with which it has to be hooked to work properly, will scare most of the public, but if something has been demonstrated this project is that it can be profitable and that there is a large community of developers willing to experiment with this technology.

Oculus Rift is currently part of Facebook, something that shows that there is a future for this device.

5. Google Pixel 4


This smartphone appeared in the first place of our list of the most innovative smartphones of 2019 and therefore, it appears on our list, not as the gadget that most marked us during these last ten years, but because for us, it is still the device that conquered the last year of the decade both for its design, as for the robustness of its software and how beautiful it works with its hardware.

4. iPhone 4


Its design was legendary, its resistance could be compared to the chainmail of Frodo Bolsn, while its autonomy was the best there was in the market. This was not the first iPhone, but s it was the total consolidation of Apple's smartphone, its operating system and its app store, the famous App Store. And don't think we forgot the infamous Antennagate Of which this model was the protagonist, but if something is undeniable, it is that the iPhone 4 was Apple's most innovative smart phone in many years.

3. Nintendo Switch


There are those who believe that this console was only possible after the resounding failure of the Wii U, while others say that Nintendo will have gone to the chaos if it were not for the success that this portable and homemade platform hybrid meant. In 2019 a light and fully portable version of the Switch was launched, while The regular version is still selling like hot cakes. The reasons? Its technology that perfects what the Wii U could never be and its large catalog of exclusive titles and third parties that attract fans so much hardcore from Nintendo as those who enjoy killing hellish demons in DOOM.

2. Samsung Galaxy S3


In 2012, the South Korean firm Samsung launched a telephone that not only broke sales records, but also So much so, technically speaking, that he forced his direct competition to revalue the way he had been developing his own smartphones until then. Its four-core processor that combined with 2 powerful gigabytes of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, Super AMOLED display with an HD resolution with 306 pixels per inch of density, 8 MP rear camera capable of recording in Full HD and a front 5 MP that could make videos at 720p. Undoubtedly, a true powerful technical wonder and highly popular among consumer technology enthusiasts.

1. Pebble Smartwatch


It will be quite unfair to talk about smart watches without mentioning the independent brand that popularized is useful technology: Pebble. If you thought that Apple was the first to make smartwatches, you are wrong, since in 2013 Pebble launched its flagship product, a watch capable of monitoring your physical activity and even asking for Uber thanks to its large app store. Its electronic ink screen gave the Pebble Smartwatch a much larger autonomy than others wearables later, while its design falls in love with sports and fashion enthusiasts.

Too bad that its legend went out in 2016, when the company responsible for this watch, unable to compete with its rivals, decided to close operations.

What devices do you think we should have gotten or removed from this list? We are dying to know your opinion.