How to download more stickers for WhatsApp

How to download more stickers for WhatsApp

After months waiting for the novelty, and after it was available for a long time in its most prominent opponents, Whatsapp Finally, he decided to include the stickers in his application. Yes, he arrived very late in relation to Telegram and very late with respect to Line, which was the first to use the famous stickers. Even so, it is excellent news for the more than one billion users who use WhatsApp daily.

The stickers can be used right now on both Android and iOS. Although yes, it is essential have the latest version of the app. The stickers are free, WhatsApp has a huge collection of them, it will update this collection frequently and you can also download new stickers. Right here is where we are going to influence.

WhatsApp allows the installation of new stickers from the Google Play Store

How to download more stickers for WhatsApp

Developers have the option of create new sticker packs for WhatsApp users, So these users will be well provided with material. The system aims to be as open as Telegram, at least in principle. This way, not only will the officers be available, but also those created by other developers.

To access the WhatsApp stickers You must do the following:

  • Make sure you have the latest beta installed on your Android.
  • Press the emoji icon inside any chat you have open.
  • Three icons will appear at the bottom: the emojis, the gifs and the new stickers. In case it does not appear, close WhatsApp and open it again.
  • If you click on the stickers icon you will access the list of them that you have installed with the most used ones on the left. Look at the little icon of «+" right. Click on it.
  • You will access the “store” of WhatsApp stickers with all that are available. If you descend to the bottom you will access a direct link to the Google Play Store to download more stickers.
  • You should keep in mind that currently, and since WhatsApp stickers have not only been active for a few hours, most of the apps that are listed they will not really install the stickers on your WhatsApp since its operation will be to download simple images. This will change as developers create adapted packs.
  • WaBetaInfo collect WhatsApp Stickers, check out all their stickers.
  • You can also get new stickers when they are sent to you. Click on the sticker and you will see several options. Click on "See more" and you will access the complete pack. Finish by clicking on «Download».

WhatsApp stickers are developed in the image format Webp. They are installed and stored within the application, being able to access the sent ones if you enter the folder «WhatsApp / Stickers»Of your internal storage.