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Google Duplex continues its expansion: it reaches iOS and the Galaxy S10


Google Duplex is reaching more devices: iOS through the Assistant app and the Galaxy S10


Google Duplex, Google?s smart calling system, reaches more devices, including the iPhone and Galaxy S10.

The Google Duplex support page already mentions that iPhone with the Google Assistant app in the United States can already use this feature available on Pixel phones for several months. Also, the XDA-Developers and 9to5Google sites say that the Galaxy S10 is receiving the same function.

This is the first Google Duplex deployment outside the Pixel phone family. The feature, announced in 2018, began arriving at the Pixel 3 at the end of last year and has expanded into more Pixel models, in addition to that more American cities and restaurants have been added with support for the service.

Google Duplex is the latest Assistant role for Google to demonstrate the power of its artificial intelligence. The software integrated in Assistant allows making calls and reservations to compatible restaurants without the need for the user to make a call; Duplex only needs the number of people for the reservation, time and date.

The availability in iOS is interesting, because ah Assistant does not have an integration like in the Pixel. For the owners of an iPhone to use Duplex (besides they must be in the United States), they need to download Assistant, an app for the iPhone assistant and that has the most functions that Android, except the possibility of configuring it as the assistant predetermined.

You can see more about Duplex regional availability on the Google page.

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This is the future of Google Assistant