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Ghosts of Memories, a great game that cost 3 euros and is now free

Today we are talking about Ghosts of Memories, a payment game of outstanding quality that is available for free during this week. Worth? We tell you what we think.

Ghosts of memories: One of the Android games with better aesthetics

Normally we usually make compilations about free games and applications for a limited time, but we don't usually talk in depth. With today's game we have decided to make an exception since it is about A game of great quality.

His name is Ghosts of Memories. It is a game in which we will have to travel during lands of ancient civilizations, lands full of puzzles that we will have to solve. Specifically they are 21 levels, spread across 6 worlds.

What has left us the best feeling is the aesthetics of the game itself. The puzzles follow a 2.5D visual style that already the famous Monument Valley became fashionable.

We also have a minimalist visual style, which together with a very relaxed soundtrack They make it an ideal puzzle game to spend a quiet weekend.

It costs 2.99 euros, but it's free this week

Ghosts of Memories is an excellent looking game, and In the time we have been playing, we were surprised for its excellent minimalist design, as well as the simplicity of its mechanics, although we hope that as levels go by it gets complicated.

We can purchase this game for free until May 19.

It is a game that It usually costs 2.99 euros. If at that price we think it is a recommended purchase, we recommend you buy it right now, since today and for the next seven days it is available for free on Google Play. We remind you that if you purchase it during this period, it will be added as a purchase to our account and will be ours forever, even when the promotion period passes.