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Archos and its peculiar design of lateral notch

Since smartphones implemented borderless screens we have had to deal with the hated by many and loved by other notch. This peculiar friend located in the great majority of the screens and that has had an evolution, so to speak, quite wide to even disappear or be called in other ways by the French Archos to arrive this Mobile World Congress with a somewhat strange design.

Long, drop-shaped, shorter or hole-shaped, the notch of the Archos Oxygen 68XL device moves away from all that and moves the notch completely to the side. Visually reminds me a lot of the hole on the screen, but if we think about it a little more it is very, very similar to the type of notch where the front cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were located, don't you think?

While this design is not quite beautiful, be an option for those who like them. We will see this device with the new Oxygen family of Archos for the next MWC. What do you think about this side notch? I do not get much attention, but the important thing here is what the audience thinks. I invite you to leave your opinion in the comment box.

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