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Whatsapp already has the mate emoji for everyone

The mate emoji first appeared in the beta version, and is now available to all WhatsApp users

It was available on Android 10, iOS 13 and Windows 10, but now it doesn't matter if we have an earlier version of any of these operating systems: if we use WhatsApp, we already have the
Mate emoji, the most anticipated of the year.

Strictly speaking,
It came to WhatsApp in November, but it was not available to all users, but only those with a beta version will see it. This changed with the last official published version and now yes, finally, you can use this
mate emoji in any conversation That s: you have to update the app to see the changes.

However, it is not seen in the Web version of WhatsApp (unless Windows 10 is used, which already incorporates it natively). In other operating systems it looks like a square.

In addition to operating systems,
It is available on Twitter.

How the mate emoji was born

The mate emoji was driven by LA NACION journalists Florencia Coelho and Santiago Nasra along with designers Daniela Guini, Emiliano Panelli and illustrator Martn Zalucki
since the end of 2018. With its approval, the icon of the typical drink of Argentina and Latin America is already part of the growing catalog of illustrations that was born at the end of the 90s in Japan and was extended to the rest of the world with the use of the smartphone and social networks.


. Whatsapp already has the emoji of mate for everyone – LA NACION