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We explain how to create reminders and tasks in WhatsApp

Even if you remember to buy a birthday gift or pick up an order in advance, it is likely that when the deadline arrives, you have completely forgotten. So that it does not happen again, we tell you here how to create reminders and tasks in WhatsApp., the famous platform for creating tasks and whose user base is 20 million, has come in the form of bot to the instant messaging app owned by Facebook, which means that it is positioned as if it were one more contact on your list, ready to help you organize your day.

create reminders and tasks in WhatsApp

The first thing you should do is have both mobile developments in your phone. Of course, to use the new tool of it is necessary to pay $ 2.99 dollars a month, but a free one-week trial is offered.

Once you register your cell number, you get a six-digit code, which activates the bot in WhatsApp. When you open the corresponding chat, you can write: Pick up my package in the store; Artificial intelligence asks you if you want me to remind you about this, to which it is possible to answer: Tomorrow afternoon. If all is well, it sends you a confirmation message.

If any of your contacts write to you to ask you to buy or pick up some item on the way to your work or home, you can forward this to the bot so that a reminder is generated and you don't forget it.

whatsapp create reminders any do 1

All this is much like having a conversation with someone (digital) assistant, and it is precisely the main function of the bots WhatsApp: buy or request information about some product more efficiently.

Direct experience

We decided to try this new integration from Mexico City and, although it is promised to easily create tasks and receive reminders in WhatsApp, in all the devices enabled for the app worldwide, the experience was not entirely satisfactory.

Once we had the bot installed in our list of conversations, we set out to create different tasks, both in English and Spanish, but this responds to requests always with the same message, which is displayed for the first time when the chat opens.

whatsapp create reminders any do 2

It is assumed that the integration between the two applications, WhatsApp and, only works in English (and we believe that only for the United States), however, it is already working to be compatible with Spanish, Hindi, Russian, French , Portuguese, Arabic, German and Italian.

Thus, some users will have to be patient to take advantage of this new element of in WhatsApp, in order not to forget to buy from the birthday gift to milk.

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