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Ubisoft celebrates that Assassin's Creed: Origins has not yet been hacked

Since the launch of the toolsDRM, used by companies to lose profits from the video game pirate, this section of the industry has become somewhat controversial, as users who buy the game and give their trust to the developer are those who end up paying in the game's performance, thanks to the tools likeHeld. Now,Ubisofthas come to celebrate that its most recent release,Assassin?s Creed: Origins has not been hacked so far.

Normally the titles in which Denuvo is being installed do not usually last long with DRM protection, as many hackers have developed tools such as keygens or using reverse engineering, tocircumvent securityof this protection. It is for this reason that Ubisoft installed asecond DRMknown asVMProtect to protect Denuvo. Thanks to this, many of the users showed their dissatisfaction with the company, since the consumption of resources has been weighed down by using two layers of protection.

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