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The super zoom of the Google Pixel 3 comes to the Pixel 2 in this version of the Google camera [APK]

A few days ago we told you the arrival of the night mode to the Google Pixel camera through a modified version of the Google Pixel 3 camera application. This mod adds all the news of the Google Pixel 3 camera in the previous generations.

This Google camera adds the novelties of the Pixel 3 in the previous generation

A week ago we could try the star feature of the Google Pixel 3 that had not yet officially arrived. We talked about night mode, a function that Google announced with great interest promoting it as «So good you'll never have to use the flash again». This novelty has not yet officially reached the Pixels, but in our first tests we were impressed.

This novelty was the only one that had not yet reached Pixel 3, but Google's last flagship had many other novelties that it would have as exclusive. Exclusives that can already be tested on previous generations of Pixel devices.

In XDA we read how the user who managed to enable the night mode in the Pixel camera has managed to carry a large number of novelties for the first and second generation Google Pixel. Specifically, these are the novelties:

  • Portrait mode in Pixel 1 (only works with people): This mode was already in other versions of the Pixel camera, but was not in this particular one.
  • Night mode, manual focus on night mode and HDR + selector for Pixel 1 and Pixel 2.
  • Specific improvements for the Pixel 2:
    • Focus tracking: If you focus on a person or object and it moves, the camera will continue to focus.
    • Photo booth: A function that will automatically take pictures in the funniest moments.
    • Option to quickly change the rate of images per second in video recording.
    • Integration with Google Lens in real time.
    • Video recording in H.265 / HEVC codec.
    • Super zoom
    • Enhanced HDR + mode for low light situations.

The best feature of Pixel 3 comes to Pixel 2

The number of improvements the Pixel 2 XL receives in this port It is spectacular, but the one that has caught our attention is the super zoom. As we told you a few days ago, it is a function that through Artificial Intelligence takes advantage of our bad pulse to create a zoom that without the need for optics achieves a great level of detail.

This feature has been designed for Pixel 3, so we did not expect it to end up reaching the previous generation, or if it ended up arriving, it was not at the same level as it was a port.

We've been testing since we've found this version of the Pixel camera and the result has surprised us. Using the zoom to the maximum in the Google Pixel 2 XL we have achieved images with a better level of sharpness using the largest possible increase. As you can see in the samples we are leaving.

We are impressed that a year later, the Google Pixel 2 XL continues to surprise us upon receiving the improvements from its older brother. Not only because of the camera improvements, but because it remains a mobile with a high level of fluidity, and which still has two years of Android updates. At the moment it is less than 600 euros on Amazon, and we believe it is worth it.

If you have a Google Pixel 2 XL we advise you to go to XDA Developers, where you can download the APK file from the improved Google camera for Pixel phones. At the moment it is not confirmed that this version ends up reaching other mobiles, but we will inform you if it ends up being like this.