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The risks of buying a Smart TV (and what the FBI recommends to protect your smart TV)

The advantages of smart TVs can become disadvantaged

About this danger alerts even the Federal Burr of Investigations (FBI, for its acronym in English).

With the increase of devices connected to
 , also increases the risk and exposure to
cyber attacks
 that may violate our

And smart TVs, whose emergence in the market was an authentic revolution in the way they consume television, are no exception.

These screens connect to the Internet and allow access to video applications and services in
 as if it were a smart phone. You can even make purchases through different e-commerce portals.

There are also models that allow voice recognition and have cameras installed that facilitate, for example, video calls between users.

But it is in all this series of advantages that the risks that must be taken into account lie, experts warn.


Cameras built into smart TVs can function as a window for hackersCameras built into smart TVs can function as a window for hackers

According to Norton, a firm of
 and famous antivirus manufacturer, smart TVs, being connected to the Internet, "have the ability to track what you see and look for. With this information, they can program the advertising that best suits your lifestyle."

However, when it comes to a possible cyberattack, personalized advertising almost passes to the background.

"Smart TV cameras can be hacked and used to spy, and malicious software can be moved from device to device. A hacker can easily use the TV camera to find out if you store valuable items at home and know when you take some long vacations, "according to Norton.

The FBI also warns about these dangers.

"Hackers can take control of your unprotected TV. In the best case, they can change your channels, play with the volume or show inappropriate videos to your children. And, in the worst case scenario, they can turn on the camera and microphone. of the TV in your room and spy on you in silence, "the report said.
published on November 26.

What the FBI recommends

The FBI offers useful advice before buying a smart TVThe FBI offers useful tips before buying a smart TV

Before making any purchase or using a new smart TV, the FBI recommends, first of all, to know for sure all the features that it includes.

That is, if it comes with a camera or microphone, for example, and learn how to control both functions.

In the same way, it suggests changing passwords and learning how to deactivate the voice recognition system, cameras and all possible information collection.