The impressive international final of the Heroes of the Storm Legion Championship, powered by Lenovo, is approaching.

The impressive international final of the Heroes of the Storm Legion Championship, powered by Lenovo, is approaching.

Without doubt one of the most popular video games has been Heroes of the Storm, so much so that in a few weeks the international tournament will take place in MexicoHeroes of the Storm Legion Championship,an event that if you are a fan of video games you can not miss, you can witness it this December 2 and 3, the entrance is free, so if you like you can go to see the best of some countries, all of them competing to be the best team, of which two are Mexican and will be competing against countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

This event will be very well equipped for the comfort of the players, who will face real experts in the video game. All this competition will take place in an environment designed for gamers, who will have a giant screen, commentators, grandstand and some accessories that they require.

If you are like us and want to attend to enjoy a good time watching experts compete against experts in the game, we are pleased to remind you that you can do it, the event is:

  • Date: December 2 and 3
  • Time: Starts at 10:30 a.m. (Local time of Mexico City)
  • Address: ExpoReforma, Hall: Pochteca, Calle Morelos 67, Cuahutmoc, Juarez, 06600 Mexico City

As is well known, when making a competition of this magnitude, prizes must be given to the winners, which are the following:

  1. First place:$ 6,000 dollars.
  2. Second place:$ 2,000 dollars.
  3. Third place:$ 1,000 dollars.

If you want to know what the teams are and what country each of the rivals of our Mexican compatriots is, we will give you the names, it is your decision which team you want to support and which one you choose as a favorite to be crowned over others.

  • Colombia: Not Alone and Teeleeree.
  • Argentina: Dragons and Dynasty Gaming Coliseum.
  • Chile:Yakaban
  • Per:Stormborns
  • Mexico:6Sense and Bad Dudes

It only remains to wait to meet the winner, we are already making the bets, since each one chose a favorite, so we will be watching this event.

This fabulous event aims to show the potential ofE-sportsin Latin America, in addition, as we already mentioned, gamers will find themselves in a very well equipped environment, and Lenovo equipment will be used to play,which execute the game of wonder, this right decision was to be expected, since it would be very annoying to be in a very hot game and that the device was not suitable for the game. The products ofLenovo are highly trained for this and several more games,So we are pleased to announce them below.


When we read the characteristics that this Lenovo beast has, we only think of one thing: "I love her." And it is that this gadget is truly incredible, it does not surprise us that it is one of the equipment used in the Heroes of the Storm Championship. And we do not exaggerate, because we are sure that as soon as you see what you have equipped you will also fall in love, and even more if you are one of those who enjoy playing on the computer, we assure you that it is the best devices for a gamer, forget about the worries and surprise yourself by living the games with complete extreme realism thanks to its incredible performance, with this you can surely take advantage of your opponents. If you want to know the characteristics, then we leave them to you so that just as we marvel at this beast of Lenovo.

  • Graphic cardNVIDIA GTX1050.
  • ProcessorIntel Core of the seventh generation.
  • Solid state diskPCIE
  • Memory16 GB DDR4.
  • 15.6-inch FHD IPS anti-glare screen with UHD option.
  • 2 Harman 2.0 speakers (with custom toned audio).
  • 45 Hh lithium polymer battery(more than 4 hours of continuous play).
  • Backlight keyboard
  • Cooling system.

Undoubtedly the ideal computer to have a good time playing the best games, although you can mention some, it depends on each user, what we assure is that you can leave the classic solitaire or the mythical minesweeper, games that surely the youngest ones do not They already know, and we will not go into detail, we will only say that they were the ones that were preinstalled on the dinosaur computers.


If your thing is to marvel at the quality of the images, this computer is for you. And the best part is that it not only focuses on image quality, but also on performance and power. You will have to refine your skills better and with this accessory it will not be any problem, since with its excellent screen resolution you will be able to see the enemies better, and best of all, be as if it were real, you will not even notice the difference when seeing the computer and watch your favorite game or series. In addition to its audio system you will be fascinated, if you are one of those who play Call of Duty, we assure you that you will feel as if you are in the middle of the battle, a battle that you can play for more than 5 continuous hours thanks to its impressive battery. Another of the points that we loved about this LEGION Y720 is that we can use virtual reality devices, certainly a very clever move by Lenovo. If you want to know more in detail the characteristics of this excellent article that our Lenovo friends offer us, then we leave you the list, so marvel at yourself.
  • Graphic cardNVIDIA GTX1060 6 GB.
  • ProcessorIntel Core 7th Generation(Core i7 7700HQ).
  • Solid state disk PCIE and SATA HDD.
  • Memory 16 GB DDR4.
  • 15.6-inch FHD IPS Anti-glare screen with UHD option.
  • 2 JBL 2.0 W JBL speakers and 3 3.0 W Dolby Atmos subwoofers(the first Gamer PC with this system).
  • 60 Wh lithium polymer battery
  • CameraHD 720 WITH ARRAY MIC(group of microphones that improve voice recognition systems).

Seeing the specifications of these two computers, we are not surprised that they were chosen for this great event, and it is a pleasure that Lenovo develops devices for which we like to play a little on the computer, especially since it is more practical to carry than a full console, in addition to that we will need a television to play.

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