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Samsung in conjunction with other companies presents 5G solutions

5G has been a boom so far this year and that we still don't have it globally. Only in this Mobile World Congress Multiple solutions have been presented that are based on this technology and some may think that the section of smartphones is the only one that will benefit, but the truth goes beyond that.

Drones and Robots, Samsung also works on this

In the industrial section, the 5G network allows to work more efficiently with better technologies that can be kept connected to work autonomously without risk of delays in the signal. Samsung in conjunction with Orange and Cisco presented in this MWC 2019 a Drone and an Industrial Robot that take advantage of the new 5G generation.

5G has the potential to transform industry and society through the development of creative business models.

  • GY Seo, Senior Vice President and Director of Global Sales and Marketing, Network Business for Samsung Electronics

5G drone: This little one has a high definition and low latency video system. It was manipulated from the Orange stand in Barcelona while it was out of the place. Its integrated 5G router allows you to transmit video and receive commands in real time.

5G Industrial Robot: This robot is planned to transport manufacturing parts while transmitting video through a 360 camera and a Full HD camera. Thanks to the improved connection through 5G operators can react when the autonomy of the equipment is interrupted by an obstacle.

These achievements were thanks to Samsung's joint work with Cisco and smaller 5G access units, 5G routers for indoor and outdoor use, up to 5G tablets were used.

We will continue to expand our 5G tests with Samsung and Orange in order to explore possibilities of use that meet customer needs.

  • Kishen Mangat, Vice President and General Manager of Mobility of Cisco Service Providers

These advances only demonstrate that the new generation of mobile networks has a very significant impact on our daily and working life. How do you see these advances? Do you like the future that lies ahead? I read them in the comment box.

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