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More problems with Netflix on Android

More problems with Netflix on Android

This is one of the most famous platforms worldwide for cinematic content as well as series of great importance for the entertainment world, not everything is always rosy and there are problems in one of the most used operating systems worldwide .

We are talking about the application which is downloaded for Android devices, a long time ago it was discussed that this platform does not play FullHD content in this operating system, taking into account that this is a cost platform, it is not giving a complete service to the user.

The greatest amount of resolution in the movies and series is in HD and this is not the only one of the problems since high-end terminals which have a different ratio screen, do not have compatibility with this resolution so the experience was not the same and even in the application store the application to install it was not found making it incompatible with these terminals.

Hopefully, soon, this platform will improve the Android mobile service since in theory it is forcing users to watch content on iOS since in this operating system there is no problem and even if it plays high resolution both movies and series.