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Lenovo Heroes of the Storm Legion Championship international final

As a few months agoAnnouncing the Heroes Of The Storm Legion Championshiporganized byLenovo To finally consummate in eight teams willing to destroy each tower, strong and central on their way to victory, the grand finale has arrived, which began today and continue tomorrow, December 3, to which the Tecnocat team was present.

There are two days in which the teams will play for the title to the best team ofHeroes Of The Storm, with a global competitiveness scenario: giant screen, commentators, grandstand and more. The final only demonstrates the potential of e-Sports in Latin America, whereLenovoand its Legion notebook linewill give prominence to gamers, of which we are already talkingpreviously. The grand final prizes are as follows:

  • The winning team of the regional grand final will take home $ 6,000 dollars.
  • The runner-up team of the regional grand final win $ 2,000.
  • The team in third place in the regional final will have $ 1,000 dollars in their hands.

While the Legionaries finalists by team and country are the following:


  • Not Alone conformed by: Spook, Rabbit, Damasus, Dantte and Theos
  • Teeleeree conformed by: Juanklito, Highwind, NeO, Ozzcol, RMKfast and TisPip


  • Dragons Coliseum It consists of: Raphenz, Archie, Nygma, Hibird, Byakko and Pavvel.
  • Dynasty Gaming It consists of: Bile, Naryt, Betony, Deus, Kevian and Kobu.


  • Yakaban conformed by: Mute, Bhara, Valha, Dothem and Lyncon.


  • Stormborns conformed by: Fottz, Harrek, Surprise, Skylar and Magicpants.


  • 6Sense conformed by: ET0MyX, Insecure, Rokblin, LaBarbi and Dblank.
  • Authority eSports conformed by: Gorejaws, Genre, Ephemeral, NoMiracle and Gizmo.

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If we cannot attend the final, we will always have the possibility to follow it inTwitch and Facebook, with updates and transmission of the event at every moment during the battles for the Nexus. Remember what is your main weapon to unleash terror on your enemies and ascend to glory thanks to theLenovo Legion line:

  • Legion Y520With extreme power, unrivaled image and premium Harman sound.
  • Legion Y720With your 6GB GTX1060 and its JBL audio and 3 3W subwoofers with Dolby Atmos you will feel inside the game.

And if yours is also ultra mobility and gaming goes with you, the familyMoto Znow he receives more potential thanks to hisMoto Gamepad, which allows converting toMoto Z2 Playin a real video game console in our hands thanks to its two dual control action joysticks, the D-pad and its 4 action buttons give an exciting gaming experience, and with its battery of1035 mAhThe hours of fun are guaranteed.

Presented by Lenovo