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James Bond and Tesla Cybertruck make a really explosive couple

Since its absolute premiere in 1953, the secret agent James Bond has driven a host of vehicles, so his garage sports a good part of the most desired cars and motorcycles in history.

In a string of books, movies and video games, both the secret agent created by Ian Fleming and the other characters have sported an impressive range of almost anything that has an engine and moves.

The catalog of manufacturers is equally diverse, with American emblems, such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors, although the most famous have been Europeans, mainly those of British origin.

The last builder to join the list has been Tesla, with his Cybertruck truck. The curiosity is that the landing has included its CEO, the charismatic Elon Musk.

Although the appearance is not official nor cinematographic, it is very entertaining. It's about a mod, that is, a modification that extends the original software of the GoldenEye video game for the Nintendo 64 console, which debuted in 1997.

The person responsible for this explosive marriage is Graslu00, a modifier With extensive experience, I entrusted the official of the UK foreign intelligence agency, MI6, a mission with a strong environmental sense.

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In the extension, agent 007 is in an inner courtyard with a Cybertruck flanked by the co-founder of the manufacturer of electric vehicles, who tells him to be informed of his latest purchase, which is none other than the same truck.

Subsequently, Elon Musk expresses his concern for General Ourumov, the villain who played Gottfried John in the 1995 film. In his words, the uniformed is generating damage to the planet, since he drives a conventional vehicle, so he urges him to take action.

I have equipped the Cybertruck with a new toy. Check it out, Musk invites you. Business is business, Mr. Bond. I want to see the fossil fuels out of action, just express it before leaving.

Although it emits a noise as if it were equipped with a disel engine, the truth is that the van travels through the streets of St. Petersburg eliminating enemies, thanks to what we assume are submachine guns, in the style of Aston Martin DB5 that achieved immortality in Goldfinger tape.

There is no indication that Cybertruck or another of Tesla's portfolio products take part in the next installment of James Bond, No Time to Die, whose release is expected in April 2020. What is certain is that Aston Martin will a massive landing, including the Valhalla hybrid end.

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