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How to rename all Amazon Echo speakers

Due to the proper functioning of the speakers Amazon Echo it is very possible that more than one device of this product range may be taken at home, even if they are not exactly the same. If this is your case, a good option to identify them correctly each of them is rename them. We show how to do this easily.

The truth is that this is quite true because, when performing configuration actions with the smart speakers of the well-known online store, it is a lot more comfortable have perfectly identified each one of them. Thus, for example, you can put the name by the place of the house in which they are, for example, the living room or the kitchen; or, failing that, by the owner of the Amazon Echo in question. The case is that everything is very clear so, without going any further, when installing a Skills is done in the correct device.

To do this you do not have to resort to complex processes that are not well understood or it is necessary to install something that is not official. In the application itself Alexa, which allows Amazon smart speakers to be controlled, this is achieved easily and without any risk to the hardware. The download of this development is done from the stores that are common in operating systems iOS and Android:

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Steps to rename Amazon Echo speakers

The truth is that the process is quite simple and fast to execute, so a few minutes you will have perfectly configured your "network" of intelligent speakers of the company led by Jeff Bezos. This is what you should do in some smartphone or tablet in which you have installed the aforementioned application:

  • Open Alexa development on a regular basis and, on the main screen, you must use the upper left area on icon called hamburger, which is the one that has several horizontal lines as representation. Among the options that appear you should look for one that is called Configuration and click on it (you can use the Devices icon at the bottom, just to the right).
  • Now see the list of Amazon Echo speakers that you have installed and that can be accessed. If you don't know what you want to change the name, we recommend that you turn off the rest so you don't get confused. The case is that when you find the chosen one, select it.

"Amazon "Rename

  • Now you see a lot of information, but you should look for the option called Edit Name (It is the first one you see) and use the usual signature. Now you must write the one you want to identify. At this moment it is only acceptable to accept and, ready, you will have finished.

As it looks everything is really simple And, also, sure. In addition, this is possible in all models of the Amazon Echo range offered by the online store, so we talk about a process that is universal.

Initial installation and configuration of Amazon Echo speakers