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Have you already played ARK on Android? Play it for free

Console games are already moving to mobile devices since there are several games that come from these components and now the world of games on Smartphones is getting better and better.

ARK is a game dedicated to fighting, surviving and dominating a world of dinosaurs being a fiction and action game, this game was a unique PS4, XBOX ONE consoles as well as computers, now you can play it on your mobile device as having possibly the same experience.

This game is official in which you are invited to immerse yourself in a world of dinosaurs as surviving and enjoying more than 80 unique dinosaurs which you can tame, joining with other players is possible to form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors

This game offers you a lot of fun for hours although that it is worth mentioning that the support is only for Android devices and features at least 3GB in RAM and a large internal storage space since this can weigh up to 2GB.

Without a doubt you should enjoy this amazing video game which is compatible with gamepad devices to enjoy more of the mobile experience that this game can offer you.

Download here

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