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Get ready to defeat the alien invaders with the Phoenix Point launch trailer

Maana, Julian Gollop's spiritual successor for the X-COM series will come out for PC and to set the stage for one of the most anticipated tactical strategy game launches of the year, developer Snapshot Games has presented the launch trailer. Check it out here! [/ embed]

25 years after Julian Gollop swept the world of PC games with the excellent X-COM: UFO Defense, the legendary game designer is returning to his roots with a disturbingly similar title. Phoenix Point is the next chapter of the original game in everything but the name. With the X-COM IP owned by 2K Games, Gollop started his own independent studio and created a new IP, but the similarities are amazing. Not only is it the scene of an alien invasion here, but the gameplay is also a tactical turn issue. What's more interesting is that Phoenix Point has apparently also been influenced by Firaxis X-COM restarts. However, since the genus niche has experienced a resurgence in recent years, we are not complaining. The more, the better.

Face a brutal alien threat at Phoenix Point, the new strategy game from the creator of X-COM. Manage your troops on the battlefield and your bases on a global scale. Work with or against rival factions to discover the secrets of the alien invasion. Explore, get resources, research new technologies and fight. It's time to get up from the ashes.

Phoenix Point will launch tomorrow, December 3, exclusively for PCs through the Epic Games Store with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users who will have their chance in early 2020.