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Get Chromecast that only some control views

Players Google Chromecast It has many virtues and, one of them, is that compatible devices that have access show a notification to control the reproductions. This is positive … except that this option is used to annoy others. We show how to avoid it easily.

The truth is that the utility of the indicated notifications is high, since it allows from different devices to pause and even stop the delivery of content to the Smart TV, so that it depends exclusively on a smartphone or tablet to do this. But, the truth is that it is possible that you find yourself in a situation where you want this to happen: some can not manipulate with your terminal absolutely nothing, such as with children who are excessively "funny."

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Luckily, Google has thought about offering this possibility if the appropriate configuration is done. And, this is what we are going to explain How it is achieved. Of course, to achieve this you have to use the application Google Home, available on iOS and Android, which is what allows you to practically configure everything that has to do with Chromecasts.

Google Home

Google Home

Google Home

Google Home

Get a smartphone not to receive Chromecast notifications

The truth is that it is not nothing complex what has to be done, and neither the operation of the Google accessory nor the usual use from other devices is jeopardized, so security is complete. This is what has to be done Step by Step:

  • Open the Google Home application access the Settings of the player using the icon that has a circular and toothed gear.
  • Now you must access the section Personal, which is where the options necessary to complete the process are. Then, select Google and then access Controls to send content. Here you simply disable the slider and then you are done.

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Another option to achieve the same

You may not have the application on the smartphone to which you want to take away the option of receiving multimedia notifications, or you simply do not want to waste time with somewhat more complicated steps, it is also possible to get the same goal as follows:

  • Get the smartphone or tablet in question and wait for the notification to appear on a regular basis.
  • In it, click on the gear icon that you see and then you must deactivate the following option: Show remote control notifications. You will be done

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